Peppers Tale

Pepper, an English Labrador made National headlines when his rightful owner failed to waiver in his struggle to bring him home after being held for over two long years.  Through this, "Peppers Bill" was created.   This is my Tail.  Stories about me and Pet Recognition.  I invite you inside my site to understand alternative practices when dealing with Pet Custody, and basic Animal Treatment during separation.​



The Bill has been passed!  Thank you for all the support!  Illinois Senate Bill 750 ILCS 5/503 has been amended including new paragraph 750 ILCS 5/503(n).  More information about the Bill:

Such Short Lives our Pets have to Spend with us, and they Spend most of it Waiting for us to Come Home Each Day - Josh Grogan -

Voices For Pets represents a growing trend Nationwide that gives a Voice to our loved ones during those trying times of separation. 

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My Tail and Pet Recognition


Voices For Pets

​​This is my story. I invite you inside to read about me and support a larger cause that recognizes our pets during civil separation issues.

Peppers Story


Great News.

Never Left Behind, is currently undergoing line editing, cover design, and final touches.  There is a book launch target date set for spring, 2019.*

*Update, February, 2019.  Never Left Behind will be available in both Kindle and Paperback.   

Beta Readers and early reviews of the manuscript offered excellent reviews and high marks. 

"The build-up was incredible.  If it hadn't made news, you never knew if Pepper ever came home until the end".

"Not a big dog person, however after reading now understand why he never gave up".

"The ending brought me to tears".

"Very insightful.  Reminded me of  No Reservations at times by Anthony Bourdain".  

Paul Barthel had this to say:

"​I had to put the book away on several occasions, many times for months on end.  In addition to many unfortunate deaths in the family causing delay, the writing process, while rather easy, became arduous revisiting many of those moments putting pen to paper so to speak.  I only wish Pepper could read"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Many interested have inquired if Pepper is still alive.  This past November 2018, Pepper celebrated his 10th birthday.  Recent veterinarian visits and x-rays have determined he suffers from severe arthritis in his back legs, however remains in great spirits while taking regular pain medication.  He still enjoys his hikes yet on more forgiving trails, less hilly and not as far.

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